panoptikon blues

Trying to admit at least one marvel through the  gap –

to illustrate a piece of sky daily –

that is difficult enough work

the road is long and the distance we actually travel

is very sadly short –

If I could stand outside myself

in patience and love

and look at what I have done

and where I have been

with a kind and objective heart

that would be a blessing –

Forgiving myself for not living up

to my own unrealistic standards

And then setting those standards aside

for the ability to look – compassionate

and clear-eyed – at everything –

including myself –

that would be something


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One response to “panoptikon blues

  1. I was going to hit the back button as soon as I saw this was a poem, then faltered and read it. Congratulations – you have written one of the few (new) poems I’ve read on the web that haven’t sucked.

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