having now come to the conclusion that

no politician is ever going to tell the truth and that

no politician is ever going to do anything that is not utterly self-serving and that

no politician and

no political party


has the best interests of the people at heart

I am now

going to give up voting and participating in the sham(e) of the whole rotten pumpkin

I will smack it this one final time with a baseball bat and run away

and stop caring about what Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck say by ceasing to listen

and assiduously turn the conversation away from politics whenever it goes there by making a face like I smell a fart and saying,

“I don’t discuss political issues,” as if someone is attempting to discuss the shape of turds or the smell of puke or the color of boogers

at the dinner table

it is no use for me to try to pretend to believe in what I do not believe in

and I now see the truth of a statement by Joseph Campbell which I wondered about before:

“Politics is an ape’s game,” and indeed it shit-flingingly is

I abstain and resign and if nominated I will not run and if elected I will not serve

except maybe baked potatoes at the last free lunch before the end of the world

lying beasts, begone


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