after the gnostic mass

I wonder sometimes if Crowley knew exactly what came across when he had the Liber Al vel Legis appear to him. I’m not sure he understood it completely. What’s even odder, is that Aiwass (or whoever) told him that he wouldn’t understand it all.

What I know is that the Book of the Law made a lot more sense to me after I saw the Gnostic Mass. It came together more. I was able to put some things together that eluded my grasp before.

I think I was lucky in that I saw a well-executed Gnostic Mass, too. Rodney Orpheus knows what he’s doing. I actually thought that Rodney Orpheus was somebody that Lon Milo Duquette had made up for “Chicken Quabala.” Kat tells me that Rodney Orpheus would be pretty amused if I told him that. Regardless, the guy truly felt what he was doing, and he was committed to it. That made it come alive.


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