give me back my flag

I never gave you permission to have it and wave it

I never said you could come here and do this

I never told you that you could kill somebody for me

I didn’t want you to in the first place

Don’t use the ghosts of people 9 years dead

to justify your desire to kill someone to me

It’s your trip, not mine – it was never mine –

I sorrowed for those who died just like I sorrowed for my people

down here

who died in New Orleans

but we rebuilt

and we rebuilt our mosques as well as

our strip clubs and churches and bars

Don’t make me your excuse

to kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan

in the name of all your hopeless oily dreams

And give me back my flag

the one you stole from me

the one you wave over that fat bastard’s head

while he yaps and yaps like grandma’s idiot chihuahua

telling you about all the plots that people like me are fulminating

against the fat white people of the midwest

I’ll tell you right now

you don’t represent me or speak for me

so give me back my fucking flag

and go to hell


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