the great cat

I had a dream the night of my baptism, after I got home from the Oasis and fell asleep. It’s important to write this down.

I was taken into a great hall and led into a vast room where I met many, many people, all of whom appeared Egyptian in some way. Some were very hail-and-well-met friendly, and some were casual nodding friendly. Many of them gave me advice and welcome, and of course I cannot remember the exact words. (I would be so wise if I remembered everything I was told in dreams.) But the most striking of all the beings I met in this place (in this temple, really, because I think that’s what it was) was the black panther woman.

She was reclining on a couch and kept transforming back and forth from a black panther into a woman and back again. I don’t think transforming is the right word. She kept oscillating between the two forms, eliding between them until it was hard to tell what was what. If I tried to fix my vision on her it would not stay. She was a shape-shifter, human and feline. She held a nobility and a dignity that let me know that this was an important meeting. Without a word she told me that she wanted to ask me some questions.

I said then, as I do now, “My Lady, whatever questions you wish to ask me, I will answer in full. ” As is usual in dreams I do not remember if she asked me any questions or not, but my answer remains the same.


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