I blocked somebody today. This is the first time I’ve had to do that with a live person.

I have blocked lots of spam bots and weird Russian websites, yes. But I try to cut people some slack. I have a friend who is a conservative Christian with Tea Party sympathies. I’m sure she rolls her eyes and shakes her head when she sees some of the things I put up here. As I do when I see some of the ones she puts up. But we agree to disagree. When she puts up something about how awful Obama is, I don’t go in there and act up. I move on. She does the same for me. And we can talk about other things.

But if the only time you reply to anything  is to say something critical, negative, bitter, and snide? I haven’t got time for it, honestly. I am 51 years old, and I am tired of people’s bullshit. I am done with bitter, cynical people. I am not the patron saint of lonely atheist bedsit boys with too many albums and no friends, nor am I required to put up with their crap.  Life is too short for me to waste on people who never have anything good to say.

I am a person with great enthusiasms. I get carried away. I overstate the case. This is how I am. If you read this stuff, you have to deal with that, and you have to accept it.

I am a Pagan Feri Thelemite. I talk about my beliefs. If that bothers you, then you are cordially invited not to look at what I post here.

I like boobs and I like sex. Sometimes I talk about that too. If this bothers you, I again encourage you not to read.

I am a political liberal with a firm belief in Life, Light, Love and Liberty as the essential rights of man and womankind. I write about this too. If you don’t agree, don’t read.

You can put whatever you damn well please on your social media outlet of choice. I can put what I damn well please on mine, and I will not countenance anyone whose comments make me feel less-than, shamed, or reluctant to post my feelings, my enthusiasms and my beliefs. As visitors to my virtual house, I demand that you respect that, and that you respect me.

If you do not, if you come in my house and piss on my floor and take a shit on my valuables, however trinketty they appear to you, I have the perfect right to throw you out on your ass, and I will.



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3 responses to “blocked

  1. d

    poor things…they can’t help themselves. why?!

  2. Z

    Good for you! I also stopped putting up with peoples’ B.S. and it has done me a world of good.

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