The recent to-do over transgendered Girl Scouts (or to be honest, the one transgendered Girl Scout) is a sign of the transformation of society.

Fact: LGBTQ people don’t want to stay in the closet. They want to live as real as anyone, in the sunlight.

Fact: the way gender is being played out in our society is getting questioned, and people are trying new roles.

That is happening now, regardless of anyone’s idea of whether it should or not.

For some reason I have never been able to understand, a lot of small-minded and ignorant people are afraid of anything that doesn’t fit – EXACTLY – into their predetermined view of how the world should be.

Problem is, the world itself doesn’t fit into anybody’s predetermined view of how the world should be. (Not mine, either, but that’s a different story.) As time goes on, lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgendered and queer people are going to become more visible, and over time they will be more accepted. In New Orleans, they already are in many ways. (Not to say there isn’t still prejudice, but that’s another story, too.)

Basically, the people who are having a fit about this are, like everyone else, going to have to accept that there are queer people in the world, and the queer people aren’t going to go away and be invisible.

As Christianity dies from its own hypocrisy, the old standards and morals that no longer work are falling away, just like the morals and standards of the corrupt Roman Empire collapsed and fell away.

You can move to the sticks to get away from the black people and the queer people, and all the other people who disturb you, and you may be able to keep them out of your community for a little while. But 100 years from now the people who raised hell over transgendered people will be regarded with the same contempt as the whites of the 19th century who denied that black people had souls.

Change and transformation are necessary and vital if you want to have a living culture. Change and transformation are part of living here and now.

We are all the children of mutants, every one of us. If we weren’t, we would still be walking on our knuckles.

Transformation is not easy, and sometimes it is not very kind. It can be ragged and messy and dangerous and supremely, sublimely uncomfortable. There are no guarantees of safety and no insurance that everything really will be as it always has been. Very often, “the way it always was,” is the way it never really was.

Resisting deep change and real transformation guarantees extinction. It always has and it always will, as long as we live on this planet. Those who can adapt, should, and those who can’t won’t.

We all will die and our time here will be done. What comes after no one knows. The mystery is a Mystery, and all Mysteries are a mystery. I feel that the best we can do is to live to the standards of beauty and brilliance, to bring Light to the world, to live Life absolutely and fully, to have and give Love, and to praise and promote Liberty.

These if anything are the standards to fight for and to bear into battle, if battle there need be. And if there are any eternal verities these would be the ones I would vouch for, along the way, if the voice that comes from this little temporary house floating in the infinite counts for anything.


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  1. preach it, brotha ‘dawg!!!

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