The thing about the Internet

The thing about the Internet, and by extension Facebook or any other social network, is this. Along with all the possibilities for connection and creation, it also offers reprehensible, repulsive people the opportunity to aggressively promote and glorify their reprehensibility and their repulsiveness, and to spread it widely.

Before the internet, these people were marginalized, many times rightly so. Now they can pretend that they have followers, and they can believe that their opinions, no matter how idiotic or disgusting, count for something. They don’t, they never did, and they never will. Paying any attention whatsoever to these wretched, lifeless subhumans in their dirty apartments at the edge of pitiful podunk towns typing filth into their stolen work laptops only feeds their ego-masturbation sessions. In return, I receive nothing. I get angry, or bitter, or cynical, or just plain misanthropic.

The deceit of the Internet is that it pretends that everyone’s opinion is worthy of our notice. The opposite is true.

Who determines who and what is worthy of my notice? I do. I have that perfect and absolute right. The fact that someone bought a computer and learned how to type with two fingers does not make them worthy of my notice. The lie of the Internet is that it does.


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July 14, 2012 · 9:14 pm

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