Facebook is useless

OK, I don’t want to be a crabby ass just because my leg hurts today, but if I post something supporting a cause on Facebook, how does it help that particular cause? Are the Powers That Be going to look at my Facebook and say, “By God, this guy is RIGHT! We SHOULD legalize frop!” Even if I am in favor of legalizing frop, it’s going to be far more effective if I write or call my senator or congress member and at least let them know that I am in favor of frop legalization. And then there are the cases where I can’t do anything about what I am concerned about, where the final decision is in the hands of someone that I have no influence over. What does my posting about it on Facebook do? It just lets people know that I support frop legalization. But if most of my friends support frop legalization, what exactly does that do besides let my friends know I’m in solidarity with them? And that’s OK, of course – I want to support my friends – but I have no illusions that a thing I post on Facebook is going to make any difference whatsoever.


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  1. I suspect you’re right. I also suspect that reposting all those things that say that “97% of my friends won’t repost this”… well, such a pity/guilt trip. And if they won’t because they are so “selfish” why are they “friends” anyway. Sigh. The things we post on FB that *may* make a difference are the things that encourage the kindness and compassion in ourselves (and possibly others) by reminding us of the small things we might actually be able to do. A little difference, not world-shaking, but hopefully spreading like quiet ripples in a pond.

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