no secrets, only mystery

I will tell you a secret; there are no occult secrets.

There is no such thing as “secret lore.” It simply does not exist. All so-called “secret lore” has already been written down in books, and has been for centuries. Yes, centuries.

The names of the Gods are published; the names of the Watchers have been published; the name of God Herself has been published and can be found with only a nominal amount of searching, if one will read books that were written before the 20th century (too few people do that anymore).  All the legends and stories of every tradition have their exact analogues in history and myth from around the world and beyond.

If I was so foolish as to believe that I possessed the “secret lore,” how shocked I would be to find these secrets in Plato’s Dialogues, in the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, in the Three Initiates’ Kybalion, in the poetry and prophecy of William Blake,  in the Kemetic wisdom and legends of ancient Egypt, in what we know of the Eleusinian Mysteries, in the lore of the ancient aboriginal people, in the Book of the Law of Thelema, in the Book of Enoch, in the King James Bible, in the Quran and the Hadith and the Torah and the midrashim, in the Bhagavad-Gita, and in a million million other books, stories, and legends that stretch from the beginning of recorded time to now!

In my experience the claims of possession of “secret lore” are manifestations of egotism and foolishness which lead to nothing but trouble and conflict. Many people in possession of these so-called secrets never attain control over themselves. They never unite their own Three Souls, and never come into alignment with their Godselves. They never try to attain Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. They never see the face of God Herself.

Of what use, then, is secret lore? If the so-called secrets do not lead to union with the Godself, and ultimately union with God Herself, they are of no use whatsoever and are only vanity and illusion. And union with God Herself is meaningless unless we bring her Starlight down to earth with us and focus it to bless every single being on this planet. If lore does not lead to enlightenment and service, it is utterly worthless.

People will always continue to look for that one word, that one spell, that one rite, ritual, or story that they can take and keep to themselves forever and ever, never to be told except to a chosen few, and that few narrowing in number every day.

That is wrong, and that is sad.

The true lore is written in the lines of our hands and sung in the susurration of our breaths and drummed in the heart’s own rhythm. It was never written. It is always safe.

Words can only point the way . Teachers can only point the way. The real essence of That Which Is is within you, and the goal of being taught is to awaken that essence, to awaken that which is within you.

Initiation is only getting out of bed. You were awake before you got up.

No words, no lore.

Just the absolute pure essence of being, sweet and ripe like an apple, or the thousand little tongues of tartness like a pomegranate, that sensation of everything being completely and thoroughly itself for an eternity that lasts one second and goes on forever.

For She was there before there were names, our Star Goddess, our Beloved. Before there were stories She was the story, and the Story was so great and vast and wild, there were no words capable of containing it. It was beyond words to tell, even if there had been words to tell it.  And we are in her and of her. She reveals herself in us and through us and with us.

This is the secret lore. And you knew it all along, in your bones, in your heartbeat, singing in your breath. In everything you see and all you hear and whatever you touch, it is there, it is shining, it is dark, it is dreaming, it is awake, forever and ever; amen, and amen of amen, and amen of amen of amen.



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19 responses to “no secrets, only mystery

  1. Amen, A-women, and halle-fuckin’-lujah. See, this here is exactly why I am in love with you, my beautiful wise brother. I want to share this with my students; Nay, I would like to share this with the whole freaking world. What say thee?

  2. s.e.

    thank you for your words.

  3. Glad to see this out for public view. Keep going! ♥

  4. Wow. this is powerful. Thank you.

  5. I hope it’s ok that i shared these thoughts, I truly loved them!

  6. Onyx

    Thankful to experience even the smallest fraction of the vast and infinite mystery and glad to have occasionally shared the mystery with you.

  7. This is beautiful and thought-provoking. Sharing!

  8. theninethhouse

    I Heart this!

  9. THIS !!!! This is why I was so enthralled with listening to you … halle-fuckin’-lujah.

  10. Helix

    Nicely put. What I think is missing here, though, is an explanation of how the container of intimate, private group and solitary practice enables the experience of mystery. It’s not any particular information that is or should be secret. It’s the emotional and spiritual postures that we assume while maintaining sacred silence that are important and helpful, and without which all the information you speak of remains meaningless.

    Unfortunately we have basically no modern context for the concept of “sacred silence,” which is why it’s either missing from many traditions where it was once central, or has been twisted into something that’s mainly about elitism and abuse of authority. I’m inclined to abandon the concept of “secrecy” altogether in favor of “intimacy,” because at least there still one basis of comparison — some lingering cultural understanding around how to respectfully protect the privacy of ones’ lovers (though even that has been weakening in an understandable effort to normalize marginal sexual identities).

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  12. Chelidon

    What Jenya said (and props to her for the Brezsny-ism) – it’s about doing the Work, and that is the beginning and the end of it. Mystery is infinite, and embodiment is finite (and blessed) and the finite cannot contain, or fully know the infinite, only encounter, touch and be changed by it, and maybe carry a beautiful, terrible, wonderful snapshot back into the world of Form, a portal by which we, too, may make that journey. The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao.

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