Gratitude List 8/21/13

Being smart enough to listen to my body as it is telling me, “You either take some time off or I’ll arrange it for you,” and talking to my boss about taking some of what turns out to be a pretty good amount of vacation time.

Being thanked by guys in my group for helping them get into recovery. That one is really indescribable. And being able to say “You’re welcome, man,” without being too self-effacing.

Sauteed shrimp, fresh broccoli, and “Restaurant: Impossible” with Kathleen. Good Stuff. 

Witnessing an astounding sunset coming over the bridge this evening. Blue, purple, violet, pink, overtones of gold and red; just beautiful. Could not stop the car & pull over to try and catch it with my phone camera, and besides, the phone cam wouldn’t convey the colors properly. But it was wordlessly beautiful, no matter how I try to use my words for it. 

Going to Alombrados Oasis and doing a study of Liber Aleph with friends in the local body as well as two guests from OTO Italy. When I say “book study” it sounds like dry work, but it wasn’t at all. Trying to untangle Crowley and put a one-sentence summary to it is funnier than it sounds. I got a real feeling of fellowship, and I value that. 

So, five things instead of three. Sue me!


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