Gratitude List 8/24/13


1) Feri Google Hangout hosted by Carrie Norwood, with Puck DeCoyote and Traci Laird, and Nalaya Oddly in attendance. I was knocked out of most of the first hour but caught up with the 2nd hour. It’s very cool to talk about the esoteric work with people who know what you’re talking about and have been through similar things. Grateful to attend and BIG UPS to Carrie Norwood for instigating and hosting.

2) I’m grateful that people think I’m trustworthy enough and smart enough to consult me when they have something going on they need help with and I’m grateful that I have the skill, talent, or whatever it is to do that.

3) Finding the rest of Jess Franco’s “Female Vampire” on line. 1970’s EuroTrash vampire erotica deluxe, exactly the kind of time-wasting fun I indulge in during a lazy afternoon. I’m grateful that there are people who preserve and release these kinds of movies!


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