Gratitude List 8/25/13


1) Grateful for what I thought about when cleaning out the room that is to be the Sewing Room. Discarding old things that have no purpose any more is a reminder to Let Go of things that are only remnants and have no purpose. They only become clutter, and clutter only obstructs. Obstruction leads to confusion, and confusion leads to nowhere good. So I am grateful for that lesson.

2) Gnostic Mass this evening over at Alombrados Oasis was powerful & beautiful, as usual. The more I go to the mass the more I get from it. The more you read it, the more it unfolds. It’s possibly the most sublime ritual I have ever encountered. I’m grateful for that.

3) Meeting someone at Gnostic Mass who came from out of town – who I have been following online for years! It’s always a trip to meet someone in real life who I have only known online, and the conversation was great. I don’t know if she wants me to specifically mention a name so I’ll wait, but it was very much my pleasure!

4) Made it all the way around the block with a fearful dog for the first time, beginning to show her that not everything is scary. She had moments but she kept going. Brave girl!


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