Gratitude List, 8/27/13

1) Grateful that the morning group has some strong people in it and they are really grasping some concepts. Today we did the whole three hours on Spirituality (not Religion, people) and they wanted to work through the break. Wow. I am definitely appreciative of that and the work they are doing.

2) Grateful to get really good messages from friends along the way when I am starting to feel ragged around the edges with the Gratitude Project. I’m grateful to know that it’s helpful to people. 

3) I am grateful to have a good bunch of weirdos to hang around at lunch, where we can discuss things like Monty Python, upcoming weddings, twerking, and Sour Twizzlers all in one session with funny voices and weird jokes about gelatinous people. 

4) I am grateful to the Pei Wei people for actually responding to a question I sent them in E-mail about how to work their online ordering site, which had me completely mystified. That makes it much more likely that I will continue to eat there!



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