Gratitude List 8/28/13


1) I am grateful that my LAC supervisor signed off on my papers, which means I will be able to renew my CIT status a month early. This is a big deal because I used to put stuff like this off. Not any more!

2) I am grateful I had the sense to go back to therapy and I am grateful I have a good therapist. She helps me look at things from a better perspective, and to talk things out until I can get it all straight in my head. I am definitely lucky to have found her.

3) I am grateful that people ask me for magical advice. It’s really good to know that people want to share their stuff with me and ask for my thoughts, and it is fun for me to dive into what they are asking and help them get where they want to go magically. And it’s also good to know that I am thought of as knowledgeable in that area; it gives me some confidence (although I do watch out that it doesn’t get to be Ego). 

4) I am grateful that I am finding it easier to find things to be grateful and appreciative for. That wasn’t always the case!


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