Gratitude List 8/29/13

1) Grateful that I have Friday off! I finished all my work for the week and my boss said, “See you on Tuesday!” Nice.

2) Grateful that I have friends who are willing to debate – civilly – when I vent on a post about how frustrated I am with the current madness in Syria and our government’s abreaction to same. I appreciate the differing viewpoints and the civility.

3) Grateful for K’s cooking skills: Roasted Cauliflower, Yes!

4) Grateful that someone hipped me to the Vivian Stanshall album, “Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead,” that has been my constant listening companion for the last month and a half. Great album from the Bonzo Dog Band crazy man that unfolds more as you listen to it more. 

5) Grateful that the dogs are getting better behaved as we work with them more. As with 99% of all misbehaving dogs, it starts with the owner. 

6) Grateful for interesting and funny messages during the day from people who keep things from getting too boring at work!


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