Gratitude List, 8/31/13

1) Grateful for my ability to write and communicate with people. I really enjoy being able to do this, especially when I can write something that gets my point across and helps people out in some kinda way. 

2) Grateful to have made progress in writing a song. Still working out the lyrics, which are going to take a minute (as they say down here). 

3) Grateful to help get the Sewing Room closer to completion by going to Target and getting stuff to continue making it happen. 

4) Grateful for a NEW PILLOW that won’t make my neck hurt, and grateful to be able to get rid of that dreadful Laura Ashley pillow that has about as much give as a BRICK. 

5) Grateful for my guitars and the ability to play them, which I did this evening and I will do more tomorrow. 

6) Grateful for this wine, which is helping me finish my day off well!


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